What is FlossiO?

FlossiO is a revolutionary new dental flosser, designed to imitate and simplify the technique of conventional flossing, but without it's disadvantages. It consists of a loop of dental floss held by two finger rings. A unique feature is that the user can easily move to a fresh piece of floss for each tooth. This can be done without taking the rings off the fingers due to the patented design that allows the floss to move through the rings. The loop of floss has been designed so that the perfect length of floss is stretched by the fingers to achieve optimum tautness and strength.

Drawing hands with FlossO copy 4

FlossiO is different to other flossing aids on the market. Some flossers are weak and bend when used, have only one short length of floss that will transfer bacteria and plaque around the mouth, require floss to be attached by the user, have heads that can come off and get stuck between the teeth, are big and bulky and therefore not very portable, or are shaped in a way that makes access to the back teeth difficult. FlossiO is packaged in individual sachets for hygiene and portability. It easily fits into a pocket or purse. When you're finished, just use the sachet to store the used flosser until disposal.