Why FlossiO?

Flossing properly is difficult.

The best way to floss is to use normal dental floss. Used properly, it provides a "blade" to scrape plaque and tartar from between the teeth. Control, strength and anchorage is provided by the fingers. The user can move to a fresh section of floss by unwinding the floss off one finger and winding it up on the other. This is difficult, time consuming, requires dexterity, and can hurt the fingers. Most people hold the floss too far away from the mouth. They don't have proper control and do not apply enough power to the floss. The floss is unable to get through tight contacts, tartar is not removed properly, and the gums can get injured. FlossiO incorporates all the advantages of flossing properly, while eliminating the disadvantages. FlossiO's design has been praised by periodontists and hygienists.

Other disposable flossers...

• Are weak and therefore bend when used.

• Have only one short length of floss that will transfer bacteria and plaque around the mouth.

• Require floss to be attached by the user.

• Have heads that come off and get stuck between the teeth.

• Are big and bulky and therefore not very portable.

• Are shaped in a way that makes access to the back teeth difficult.

FlossiO has the following advantages...

1. Bacteria are not transferred between teeth.

2. One device will floss the whole mouth hygienically.

3. Provides more control from the strength and anchorage of the fingers.

4. Individually wrapped for hygiene and portability. 

5. No more sore fingers.

6. No heads that can dislodge and get stuck between teeth.